Reunion dinner, and how I spent the first day of CNY

26 01 2009

Reunion Dinner

As usual, reunion dinner was spent at my mother’s cousin’s house. The kids in the picture are my nephews and nieces. It was generally quite a boring, perfunctory affair for me (as can be seen from the number of pictures taken out of boredom), but I really appreciate that this year she specially reminded my mother to bring me, because it will probably be my last Chinese New Year in Singapore for the next 5 years or so. That’s assuming that the 日本入国管理局  is satisfied with RJC’s letter assuring them of my graduation in 2008.

And no, I did not partake of the shiny cans of beer….

As for the first day of the New Year, I spent it being a slave. To my mother’s 饺子, precisely. Basically what happened was that last week, I finally gave in to my innate desires to produce 饺子, so I mixed the meat and dough needed, and kept it in the fridge to use at a later date. For some inane reason, my mum got similarly inspired, and went to buy pork to make her own 饺子. However, instead of doing everything meticulously herself (like I did), she dumped everything to the maid to do. Then, because we were all sick and tired of cooking today, we decided to wrap the 饺子for lunch/dinner. I started first, wrapping all my chicken 饺子 and boiling a few for lunch. My mum’s pork filling was sitting on the table thawing all the while when I was wrapping my 饺子, and we all assumed that she would wrap it later. But NO.

Sometime around 5pm, my parents announced that they were going out somewhere, and cheerfully told me and my maid to finish wrapping the mountainload of pork 饺子, and thus I was enslaved.


Then, I got bored and went round my neighbourhood with my camera and tripod, taking pictures to process into HDR images.

Reunion Dinner1

This is how my house looks like for CNY this year. Since it’s the year of the Ox, somebody tied a nice happy red ribbon around my dad’s antique jade Ox.




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