Interesting Initials

1 02 2009

After pointing out to someone that his initials are that of famous brand Yves St. Laurent, it occurred to me that initials, particularly those printed on army uniforms, have great potential for jokes.

In Singapore it appears that the norm is initials-surname. This could possibly produce the following:

  1. SA Tan
  2. ME Lee
  3. TE Kong (Never name your son this if you want him to survive NS undamaged)
  4. IM Kok
  5. S Lim
  6. IR Yew.
  7. SO Tong
  8. KA Chng
  9. WR Ong
  10. AL Ong

….and those are just a few out of many.

As for surname-initials, you’d get:

  1. Tan KS
  2. Ang ER
  3. Ho ES
  4. Ho PE
  5. Lam BS
  6. Lim PS
  7. Ow LS (I am glad none of my maternal cousins ended up with such initials)
  8. Hoo KS/Loo KS
  9. Fu CK
  10. Lee KS

Note that KS comes out pretty bad with several surnames. Hmm…




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