8 02 2009

I wonder if 4d is a uniquely Singaporean entity, due to the majority being number-obsessed superstitious Chinese.

Where else do you find people stopping their cars to take down the numbers of vehicles involved in road accidents? I’ve seen Singaporeans respond instinctively to any string of 4 numbers irregardless of the situation.

In a way we have a certain culture of number association, or maybe this applies only to people I know. 1275 – my mother is immediately reminded of the last 4 digits of our home phone number. 2401 – my birthday. So on and so forth.

The number preoccupation goes so far as to induce people to pay good money for “auspicious” car number plates, handphone numbers, addresses etc.

Maybe Asians do have an affinity with numbers (except me) afterall.




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