On backyard breeding

8 02 2009

A neighbour of mine, also a Chihuahua owner, has approached my dad and maid on several occasions, asking if we want to breed our male dog with hers. Apparently she wanted to have some puppies from her dog.

While I do understand her sentiments, allowing my dog to mate with hers is something I can’t do. As the stud owner, actually I don’t stand to lose anything, even if I do it for free.

I don’t even want puppies. Anyone who knows my dog will be aware of the fact that he’s already a handful, and I don’t need more puppies to complicate my life especially if they end up taking after their father.

Most importantly, Chihuahua births are risky occasions. The breed is small, with a tendency to large, apple-shaped heads. Oftentimes expensive caesarean sections are required to deliver the puppies. Heck mating itself is a complicated enough process, considering how Chihuahuas are finicky about mating. Breeders have to step in sometimes to inseminate the bitch -.-

What all this means, is that a Chihuahua bitch has a pretty high chance of not making it through the birth. Some of the puppies may not survive, particularly when said breeder is inexperienced and underinformed. A lot of time and dedication is required to breed a dog, and one needs to be prepared for the worst at all times. Gestation can last up to 3 months, and in the week leading up to the birth, the bitch cannot be left alone for more than an hour each time.

Before all this happens, a vet’s opinion on whether the dogs are suited for breeding and delivery is required, and the bitch needs to be at least a few years old but under a certain age. Breeding a comparatively smaller bitch with a bigger male also results in larger puppies, which don’t help in making the birth any easier.

What professional breeders do before even considering mating 2 dogs together is to study the bloodlines of said dogs, to look for genetic defects and traits that do not adhere to the breed standard, which may be passed down to the puppies. Of course breeding pet dogs requires less stringent background checks, but a perfunctory scanning of the bloodline for serious defects is a must. My dog has a congenital heart defect which causes him to be born with an enlarged heart. So far no problems detected, but he -may- need to be on medication later in life. His temperament is another story altogether.

Personally I cannot condone breeding dogs just for the puppies, especially with toy breeds such as the Chihuahua. The best way to get a puppy is to buy one from a reputable pet shop. If you value your dog so much that you’d want to keep its puppies, I don’t see any point in risking its life (and that of the puppies) just to obtain puppies.

No prizes for guessing why I’m not keen about breeding -.- Also, chances are that my overenthusiastic dog will probably cause some irreversible damage to the bitch.




One response

9 02 2009

Also, chances are that my overenthusiastic dog will probably cause some irreversible damage to the bitch.

omg dog rape !

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