Just to say…..

19 02 2009

That my CoE (certificate of eligibility) has been approved! This means that when I receive it by post, I can go down to the Embassy of Japan in Singapore, and apply for my student visa for when I go over to Japan in March! Yay 😀

The long story behind my equally long wait for this document goes all the way back to 14th January this year.

One sunny morning, I was walking from J8 to RJ to attend RI (JC) open house, when I received a call from my hostee’s mother, who is helping me with my application to Japan. At that time, I was recuperating from the numerous heart attacks that my application had put me through and didn’t think to prepare for this major one >.<

Apparently,  the Tokyo Immigration Bureau could not approve my application yet as I do not have a high school graduation certificate -.- Thankfully I was at RI (JC) at that point in time, so it was easy for me to demand a letter from the General Office proving that I HAVE GRADUATED.

The letter was promptly sent to Japan via Speedpost  (they sure make lots of money off me). My mother was still worried, so I sent a very polite email to the school enquiring about the procedures so far. They replied, that they had already sent my letter over to the Immigration Bureau on the 19th of January.

I have spent the past month worrying endlessly about whether my CoE would be approved. Some sources state that it takes exactly 2 months. That was particularly worrying – 2 months from the 19th of January means the 19th of March. In order to apply for a Visa here in Singapore I would need at least a day or two, and that would mean that my parents would have to fly to Japan first without me. Lots of trouble could have happened with such an arrangement,  so it is no understatement to say that I am as pleased as punch now 😀

I don’t even want to think about the alternatives >.<




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