10 ways to salvage dry skin

4 03 2009

1. Oatmeal Mix finely-ground oatmeal with some water and/or yoghurt/honey etc, and use it as a face mask to calm irritated skin. Oatmeal paste also helps to moisten dry skin, and the mask doubles up as a gentle exfoliant when massaged gently.

2. Ponds Non-washable Cold Cream This is actually a makeup remover, but I found that it made my skin softer after use. Scoop up a dollop of the cream, spread it over face and rub gently to remove makeup. Then wipe off with a piece of tissue and lastly use a cloth soaked in very warm water to take off the last traces of this oily cream. 

3. Ponds Washable Cold Cream 


4. Nivea Soft moisturiser Can be used in place of daily face wash to keep skin soft and prevent the removal of natural oils by foaming face washes. Just use like a cream cleanser, then wash off with water.

5. Cotton wool dipped in toner 


6. Cotton wool dipped in chamomile tea Work wonders on dry cheeks. I use a toner that contains hyaluronic acid (Hada Labo Gokujun), and soak a piece of cotton in it. Then split the piece of cotton into 2 layers, and use like a sheet mask (10-15 minutes is enough). Chamomile tea works the same way,  just that it helps with calming itchy skin and is better for sensitive skin. 

7. Almond/hazelnut paste scrub The natural oils from the nuts keep skin moist and soft, while the fine grains of the nut paste act as an exfoliator to smoothen skin by removing dead cells. I strongly recommend Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin, which is a heavenly-smelling face scrub made out of almond meal, white clay and essential oils. However, it is not available in Singapore and cannot be shipped either. 

8. Honey Honey is some godsend for zits 🙂 I used to use it until I discovered 3M’s Acne Dressing, which essentially works the same way as honey by sucking out the white stuff from zits, albeit less messily. Applying honey to the face and leaving it for 10-20 minutes before washing off also helps with dry skin, and feels quite good too. 

9. Glycerin-based moisturiser Till date I haven’t found a moisturiser which beats my relatively inexpensive tub of Yuskin which I buy from Japan every trip. It’s yellow with a camphor smell and texture like grease, but is absorbed surprisingly well. The best part is that only a bit is necessary each time, so one tub goes a long way. Added vitamin E also helps to heal scars, which is a bonus. It is worth noting that applying this moisturiser to my face never gave me any breakouts despite its very sticky texture.  How glycerin works is that, as a humectant, it draws water particles from the surrounding air to skin, thereby keeping the skin moist. However, using a glycerin-based moisturiser in climates where humidity levels are below 30% may result in moisture being drawn out of the skin instead as the atmosphere lacks moisture.

10. Yoghurt I nicked some of my dad’s unsweetened Greek-style yoghurt, which comes in a tub and is creamier than normal yoghurt. Straight from the fridge, it makes a very refreshing facial mask and its high fat content instantly rejuvenates dry skin. The lactic acid in yoghurt supposedly also helps to remove dead skin cells, but I cannot yet attest to those claims.  However, this caused a couple of zits for me when I used it, so it may not be a cure-all for people with dry skin and a pimple problem. Less creamy yoghurts may work too.




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