If we could eat people…

4 03 2009

It occurred to me one day that interactions with people could be likened to types of food.

Comfort food
Food that is rather low-key, and may not be nutritious but somehow has a feel-good effect and triggers nostalgia.
Some people are like comfort food. They don’t taste particularly nice but you can eat them for days and days on end. Like warm, gloopy, but tasteless porridge. They may not add much value to your existence – porridge isn’t particularly known for its health benefits – but these people are the ones you can keep around you irregardless of occasion. Comfort food types include childhood friends, parents and the one friend you allow to see you in all your unglam glory.

Porridge doesnt taste wonderful but its nice on a cold day.

Porridge may not taste wonderful but it's nice on a cold day.

Food that exists to satisfy a random and temporary craving. May or may not have health benefits. Consumption of such food often occurs in between lessons, or late at night and frequently overlaps with the next group, Junk food.

Snack people are consumed in considerably smaller portions than comfort food people. Usually. They are the kind that you get the impulse to watch a movie with, maybe spend a whole day with, but nothing more. Too much just makes you thirst for something more filling. Just like how having snack food for every meal does not fill one up, associating solely with people who belong in the “snack” category tends to create emptiness of a sort. Places to encounter snack food people include school and the workplace. Entertaining but superficial associations.

Snacks arent meant to be eaten as meals. Not always anyways.

Snacks aren't meant to be eaten as meals. Not always anyways.

Junk food
Food that tastes oh-so-sinfully good…but is in reality really bad for you and will come back to bite you in the butt 10 years down the road in the form of high cholestrol/blood pressure/fat.

Junk food people are the type with whom prolonged association is either bad for you, or makes you feel bad. They may be interesting at first, and may even keep you coming back for more, but in the long run it ends up being a very draining association. No different from the feeling you’d get after consuming 2kg of MSG. The bottom line with junk food people is that consumption must be moderated, if not cut out completely.

These types can be found in jails etc. or right under your nose, in the guise of that good friend who is nice one day and guilt-trips you the next.

So tempting....but so sinful....

So tempting....but so sinful....

Healthy food
Food that is good for you. Your mother told you so. Healthy food contains all the essential minerals and nutrients needed for growth and normal bodily functions. However, the healthiest foods often taste little better than cardboard.

Nobody willingly approaches the healthy food figures in their lives; such dealings are usually necessary evils. Still, when you enter the realm of  “older and wiser” it is often then blatantly apparent that these people are the ones who have given the best advice and had the best intentions. Well life is half about regret anyway…

Healthy food types are most frequently encountered during the years in which there is nothing for others to gain by associating with you. Healthy food type people include nosey but well-meaning aunties and your Chinese teacher in JC.

Actually, I really like vegetables.

Actually, I really like vegetables.

This may be self-explanatory to most people, but chocolate and wine are undeniably some of the little luxuries in life. Their complex flavours aren’t revealed in one bite/sip, but rather need to be savoured sloowwwwwly.

These people are the kind whom you’d want to spend a lifetime with discovering all the hidden sides to their multifaceted personalities. Unlike comfort food, every nibble brings out a new aroma, and that is what makes these people worth staying in contact with for a long, long time. They may be bitter at first taste (as compared to junk food) but that soon mellows to reveal a seductively enticing core. However, moderation must be exercised judiciously to avoid addiction/desensitisation.

Chocolates/wines are often manifested on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, in pretty boxes.

Just kidding, these people can be found anywhere…if you bother to take time to let that truffle slowly melt instead of just chewing and swallowing it.

Chocolate is good for the soul.

Chocolate is good for the soul.




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