Surprise party :O

9 03 2009

My relatives came over yesterday for a -surprise- farewell party for me before I leave Japan.

It’s worth mentioning that this is the most -surprising- surprise party I have ever had in my whole life, the others being less -surprising- due to organisers being too giggly etc.

And no, no one jumped out from behind the sofa shouting “supplies!” -.-. I would have liked that though…

Granted, my mother (main mastermind) is in general a bad liar, and her coverup story that my Godma was coming over for dinner, was a tad fishy. My Godma does not come over for a steamboat dinner at my house. That’s a fact of life. Compounded with the fact that we’re already going to have dinner with her sometime later, just made everything seem all the more suspicious. But I gamely went along, having some slight suspicion but not really expecting anything in particular.

At around 6pm yesterday, my dog started barking frantically, heralding the arrival of hitherto-unexpected visitors. I shuffled out of my comfy room to see a couple of cousins. At that point in time all I thought was “Oh, it’s just the both of them coming over for steamboat as usual.”

Though when my mother told me to move my Huge Foldable Table out from my room, I began to get alarmed. What sort of steamboat dinner would require such a big table? Puzzled, I asked how many people were actually coming over for dinner. I nearly flipped when they estimated more than 10. WTF.

The last time 27 people came over to my house, I spent the day hiding in my room. I’m not very good with crowds I’m afraid. It’s also some miracle of time and space that my house can hold 27 people.

Well, there wasn’t anything I could do when the Powers That Be have already set things in motion, and since I am a placid, reserved person I did not try to protest vehemently or hold a hunger strike.

So people started streaming in, and I began getting progressively hungrier. So hungry that I started to venture out of my room in search of food.


There was food aplenty, and I was cajoled into sitting at the table where I could eat piece after piece of yummy cheese tofu and enoki mushrooms.


I must disclaim: I don’t dislike my relatives, but gargantuan groups of people (>5 according to my definition), do leave me feeling slightly overwhelmed and thus I should be forgiven for being less than social on such occasions.

Things started getting livelier though, when we started talking about old times and interesting things we could do if they came over to visit me in Japan etc. Also, they gave me a really cool cup, which appears to be black but is MORE THAN THAT. When filled with hot liquid, it morphs gradually from jet-black to this!

The words say it all 🙂

We took many, many photos.

Spot the missing number

This is just a small fraction of the many photos we took.

The older ones.

Well I hope everyone had fun, and from the looks of this, the food must have been quite good…..

Well...I don't think the food was -that- good....

 Now I feel all warm and fuzzy.




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