Lunch at Cedele

19 03 2009

I was treated to lunch at Cedele Depot at Wheelock Place yesterday.

To most, Cedele is synonymous with zero trans-fat and cold pressed olive oil – things that will not shorten your lifespan by a decade or so. 

I ordered a White Mushroom and Bacon pasta (penne), 

Yummy bacon bits with al dente pasta. Wheee~

and my friend had a Portobello Mushroom and Beef sandwich. 

Beefy and nice.


The Good: The food was, as far as I’m concerned, above reproach. Also, Cedele’s “healthiness” quotient was a sweet bonus factor. 

The pasta was chewy without being uncooked, and went perfectly well with the cream sauce, which was more flavourful and less oily than other restaurants. There was also a generous amount of bacon given, which imparted a delicate punch to the dish. 

Decadent without being sinful

Dessert was Lemon Jewel (Lemon-flavoured almond meal cake, supposedly with vanilla mascarpone but they ran out), and 2 scoops of icecream (Earl Grey and Fig, and Blueberry Cheescake).

The former was deliciously warm and moist, with a  delicately crunchy crust which went beautifully with the tart raspberry sauce and mellow vanilla icecream. 

The Earl Grey and Fig icecream was aromatic to say the least, studded with bits of pleasantly sweet and chewy figs. It’s a departure from the traditional Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry, but a nice one – I felt that the icecream was tasty without overdoing the sweetness. 

As for the Blueberry and Cheesecake icecream, it was comparable to Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake, maybe even better. A great blend of crunchy graham crackers and blueberry swirls that was just perfectly balanced between tartness and sweetness. 


The Bad: Service, unlike the food, was lacklustre. The wait staff took quite a while to respond to our frantic gesturing, and actually made a mistake with our icecream order. Our original order was actually for an Earl Grey and Fig, and a Caramel Sea Salt icecream -.- 


The Verdict: A definite thumbs-up for the food. Cedele has a rather varied and detailed selection of food both local and Western flavours, and it is also stated in the menu if each item is suitable for those with allergies/celiac disease. 

Cakes and other confectionery is made with unrefined sugar and has zero trans-fat, so those watching their health and waistlines may feel more comfortable with Cedele. The selection of cakes/bread/buns at Cedele bakeries is also very extensive, and tastes great to boot. I have to say though, their muffins are fantabulous 🙂 

The poor service was regrettable, but I doubt it will stop me from enjoying another meal at Cedele Depot again. Afterall it was  lunch hour when we were there.




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