Packing is a bitch.

19 03 2009

I finally got down to packing -most- of my peripherals and gadgets into 2 bags, consisting mostly of chargers, camera accessories and other stuff.

I’ll probably be handcarrying them on the plane because I don’t want my portable HDDs to be shaken around too much, and laptops/netbooks can’t be checked in, if I’m not wrong.

This time, I’m trying to travel as light as I can, and buy what I need in Japan. Afterall, the clothes there are more suited to the weather, and not to mention, prettier as well 😀 Will probably bring a couple of sets of clothes which can be worn in school, one set of formal attire, and other clothes that look nice enough to go out in. I’m also trying to keep footwear to a bare minimum, but found that I needed 6 pairs – sneakers, heels, court shoes, sandals, slippers, dress shoes.

As for books, I’m bringing along a few maths drill books in Japanese, as well as Japanese novels, and around 5 non-fiction books in English to maintain my sanity.

Also, for some reason, my parents decided to bring a few bottles of sauces and seasonings in case these aren’t available in Japan. 

Sigh. I have tomorrow to try and fit most of my current life into a suitcase..




2 responses

21 03 2009

i am looking forward to see you again!
spring will come with you.
it is a season of UKIUKI^-^
by the way, what sauces?

22 03 2009

Haha yes I’m waiting for spring…it’s rainy today >.<
We must meet up soon!
Sauces like….oyster sauce, hua diao cooking wine…

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