25 03 2009

I’m in Japan, with a whole list of things to do before I start school, and a longer list of things to do after -.-



Cake for breakfast! Mille-feuille cakes are everywhere here.


Excuse the vignetting, I was using my wide-angle attachment at 9mm.

This is a slightly fisheyed picture of the 1st floor of the apartment I’m living in at the moment with my parents. It’s quite messy because I can’t be bothered to clean it up.


I try to avoid climbing them.

The staircase is scarier than the picture can show. It’s really really steep and each step is extremely thick. If not for the handlebars I’d be falling down each time I try to climb it.

Anyway today I went to make my seal, and at the same time show my parents around the area surrounding my school.  

Turns out that quite a lot of ethnic food and cheap stuff is being sold there.

Then, we went to Ootoya in Shinjuku for lunch :D, before shopping around at BIC Camera for a dictionary cover and a remote for my camera.

Phones are really expensive >.< Even the Iphone is cheap here..

The cheapest Softbank phone I’ve seen so far costs 30k yen, and the most expensive costs about 90k yen. Go figure.

Shinjuku station exit (I think it’s East..) is full of people giving out free tissue packets with strange cabaretclub advertisements on the backs. My mum termed it an Auntie Litmus Test, because these guys only give out tissues to people whom they think will be an asset/will join their respective cabaret clubs –.-

Then, since my parents were tired of walking, I went to queue for Krispy Kremes

They’re the best doughnuts I’ve ever eaten; light, fluffy with a Krispy sugar glaze. Apparently a free doughnut is given to everyone in the queue, and I must say that it was heavenly to munch into a hot moist doughnut while standing in the cold wind. I bought half a dozen, 6 glazed and 6 almond crunch. It’s possible to replicate the same fresh-out-of-the-oven fluffiness just by microwaving them for 8 seconds!

We ate dinner from the supermarket, which consisted of tempura, imo-mochi, gyoza and asparagus ohitashi for me, a bento for my dad, and a bowl of cup noodles and tempura for my mum.

The average amount we spend on one meal here is approx 20SGD for 3 people, which is not too bad…yet. Personally I’d spend less, but my parents eat more than me. I’m rather happy just eating their food though.

Right now I’m sitting in my apartment chewing on squishy strawberries that are half liquefied because my parents put them into the chiller and they were rock-hard this morning. So hard that they made a noise when dropped –.-




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