What I did today

25 03 2009

MYLORD! We are awed by thy majesty!

I took my parents to try Japanese Pasta at Mylord in Shinjuku today.

I managed to find my favourite こんにゃくsweets at the Mylord It’s Demo, as well as my mother’s favourite squished plums. 


I look overly happy.

Here’s my dad and I at 五右衛門, where we had our lunch.


Salad here is thoughtfully shredded.

This is the salad that came with one of our sets, the Spring special pasta with Bacon, 筍, 菜の花 in ぺペロンチノ sauce.


More bang for your buck! 2 small plates for the price of 1 big one!


Our other set was a half-and-half, carbonara and tomato-cheese-たらこ. The spring set came with a drink and dessert, and cost 1500yen. The other one came with drink/dessert, and cost 1560.




The desserts were lovely – strawberry tiramisu and icecream on half-baked chocolate cake.


Plastic always looks nicer than the real food.


Here’s a plastic display of food.


Clearly pink=price premium for no good reason -.-

This is a very pretty girly thumbdrive.  Following lunch, we headed to Bic Camera at Odakyu HALC to change my dictionary cover. After explaining my problem to the staff, they unexpectedly provided us with a FULL REFUND. At first they wanted to give me a replacement model, but when I told them that I had already bought another case, they were very nice about it and gave us our money back <3. So we went to buy a card reader (at the same price as the cover) to replace my faulty one. Hard drives seem to be cheap in Japan. a 1TB non-portable hard drive costs just over a hundred SGD… I think I’ll get one soon 🙂


We eat a lot.

Dinner was at 三国一 in Shinjuku. For some reason I told the waitress that we didn’t mind smoking seats, so we had to spend half of our meal inhaling nicotine –.- Their udon is highly reccommended. It’s handmade, crunchy and goes well with the soup. We ordered a カツカレー丼, a 小盛狸うどん(for me), and a カレーうどん for my mum. For sides, my mother ordered a ごぼう薩摩揚げ (fried fish cake with burdock) and I ordered a fried Camembert cheese that was delightfully creamy and pungent.


Frozen yoghurt on a frozen day -.-


Since today was Ladies’ Day at a particular frozen yoghurt shop, we bought a frozen yoghurt to try in spite of the rain and 7deg chill…




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