What I did today

25 03 2009



A lonely sakura berates itself for blooming too early.

Here’s an early-blooming sakura right in front of my apartment. Most of the trees here are still bare, and today it was a chilling 7 degrees –.-


This is probably where many people got stabbed to death.

We went to Akihabara today!




There was this huuuge Haruhi Wii game poster, so I took a picture of it.


My mother's lunch at てんや


Lunch was at Tenya beside the Book-off in Akiba. I wasn’t hungry so I just ate a bit from my parents. Also, 菜の花おひたし is a seasonal item! I ordered one.



This is some giant cousin of the Takoyaki, filled with a myriad of okonomiyaki ingredients.

I managed to get a –fitting- cover for my electronic dictionary this time!

My parents were really awed by Akiba and the multitude of electronics available. Heck camera lenses alone is enough to keep my dad glued to a shop for hours….not to mention wires and motherboards LOL.




Tried the seasonal てりたま burger at Macs, which was essentially a normal cheese hamburger with a piece of egg inside. It was quite nice, but expensive at 320 yen.

We then walked to Ameyoko, Ueno for some cheapskate shopping. 🙂


I love this place. It has EVERYTHING, even Indonesian food!

Apparently loads of cheap imported condiments/ingredients exist in the depths of Ameyoko. I came across this Indonesian shop, which sold Kara Coconut Cream and Soto Ayam seasoning, among other yummy and familiar things. I actually had quite a long chat with the owner of the store, and she gave me her contact no. It was my first time having a proper conversation in Indonesian with someone other than my maid o.0


No this is not representative of the average Japanese tomato.

We saw these mutant tomatoes. 1kg of 栃木おとめ strawberries actually cost only 600 yen..that is less than 10 SGD. For some reason strawberries are the cheapest fruit here, though I’m not complaining, I just ate a whole box of them yesterday 🙂

Dinner was sushi! I managed to get my sashimi-hating mother to like えんがわ! The 3 of us only ate 11 plates in total though, but my plate of ミルガイand my mother’s 桜海老bumped up the total cost to 2520 yen >.<

Takeya near the 御徒町 station is also another godsend for people who like buying cheap food/snacks/household necessities. I got my electric blanket there at 2980 yen today, for a 140X82cm2 made-in-Japan model. The cheapest there was a China-made model of the same size.

For now, I’m in the process of deciding which phone provider to use. Softbank, DoCoMo or AU?

Softbank’s White Plan with a basic charge of 980yen/month sounds attractive, with its unlimited free calls/mails to fellow Softbank users. However, it has a Very Shitty packet rate charge, and charges are imposed for email to/from non-Softbank users including Gmails etc. I’ve also heard rumours that coverage sucks.

Oh and, handsets suck.

DoCoMo’s plans are rather hard to understand, and seem rather expensive. However it’s the most popular provider in Japan. Handsets are not too bad, but I didn’t really have a good look at the available models.

AU sounds attractive because of its Packet Discount and free email. Somehow though, the Packet Discount and Double Teigaku seem like the same thing, but are priced differently. I don’t get it. The handsets are WOW though – Hitachi Wooo has the first 3d images on a handset, and other handsets aren’t really lacking in comparison either, with sweet features like 5mp CCD cameras, GPS in almost every handset, and not to mention sexy streamlined designs 🙂

The conclusion I’ve come to at this point in time is that Softbank is for people who talk for hours on end to their Softbank friends, and don’t need good handsets. AU is for those who prefer text communication and surf a lot, and are pickier about their handsets (like me).


My 1-year Visa means that I’d have to pay the full cost of my handset in one lump sum, since I’m not eligible for contracts lasting 2 years or more, hence I do not have the option of paying for my phone in installments.




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