What I did today

26 03 2009

This was taken right in front of our apartment.

We were feeling lazy today, so we decided to stay in, and explore the neighbourhood.

 This morning, I woke up to a horrible stomachache. Must have been all that gorging for the past few days >.<

It was a brain-freezing 6-16deg today, so all we managed was a short walk around the area.

Our apartment is located rather near 神田川

HDR - here's a Shinto shrine.

More HDR - the river.

 Well my family being my family, we got cold after a while and decided to grab a snack from the nearest convenience store. 

紅油抄手 that we bought at a konbini.

These were pretty good dumplings, and when eaten piping hot were a godsend in the cold weather. 

We like snacks.

 My mum has been craving Mont-blancs ever since goodness knows how many years ago, and I hope this has managed to satisfy her curiosity craving. 

HDR again - the arterial road in the neighbourhood.

 It’s vaguely comforting to walk down a quiet road at sundown, listening to the 5 o’clock chime play. In spite of the wind freezing half my face off, it was quite a good stroll. 

The manhole cover likes to delude itself that spring is here.

Pitstops - drugstore and supermarket

 The supermarket is a very useful place. It’s a 2-storey building, with the bottom floor selling cooked food (bento) and fresh produce. In fact, on our first few trips there, we did not know of the existence of the 2nd floor, and thus were led to believe that this was a Healthy Supermarket eschewing all kinds of processed food and snacks.

Well, that myth has since been proven wrong, and the huge number of cup noodles in my apartment can be testament to that -.-

My mother likes the half-priced bentos that go on sale after 7pm each day, as well as the tempura/fried food corner. Those, as well as other assorted salads/side dishes,  are a lifesaver when we need to reduce spending on meals. 

It’s a fact that supermarkets are priced waaaay cheaper than convenience stores, for obvious reasons. 

My dad says this flower looks like a cat's face.




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