What I did today

26 03 2009

This was taken right in front of our apartment.

We were feeling lazy today, so we decided to stay in, and explore the neighbourhood.

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25 02 2009

On the way home today, I saw a rainbow! Actually there were two.

Also, I really, really, really want to get this

They are, bar none, the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn in my whole life, and the only heels I’ve worn that make heels feel like flats. That’s coming from someone whose staple footwear includes a pair of 2inch heels…

Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Embassy of Japan to apply for my student Visa.


23 02 2009

These days I feel a lot like a giant sluggish cat. I spend most of my waking hours eating and lounging around, so much so that I’m beginning to expand and flow over all the horizontal surfaces at home. Picture cat-shaped oobleck.

And my daylight hours seem to have slipped away in the form of long afternoon naps on the floor. I guess I’ll miss waking up to find that someone has covered me with my favourite fuzzy blanket.

The most interesting happenings in my life nowadays can be summed up in the HDR pictures that I take. T_T

Just a day ago I went out with my maid to Little India and Vivocity. The sunset over Vivocity was so beautiful I couldn’t resist pimping making a HDR picture out of it.

The cable cars are a dead giveaway as to the location of this shot.

Check out the rest of my pictures at http://steelkokoro.shutterfly.com

I love shutterfly – what’s not to love about unlimited upload capacity! I don’t mind slow upload speeds as long as I can upload full-res versions of my pictures online.

I like Indian food.

As usual, I splurged on weird snacks at Mustafa before having a nice lunch of Indian food – Paneer Mutter and a butter Naan. The yellow liquid in the tall glass is almond milk, which was too sweet for me to consume more than 20ml without risking severe tooth decay. Oh and, sugar consumption does not cause diabetes. Diabetes results in the inability to process sugars, not the other way round.

I wonder if more people will start buying their magazines and watching their channel.

The National Geographic booth thing at Vivocity seemed somewhat semi-permanent so we (me and my newly camera-toting maid) waltzed in for a nice bout of phototaking.

Where NGC has its roots - 18th century cartographers.

Some things were rather typical of NGC.

The yin-yang balance upset.

Others were more…..exotic.

Equus....woodus?! Horse anatomy fail.

My maid spent quite some time trying to get a nice shot of this driftwood horse from Bali no thanks to all the inconsiderate people who kept blocking her way.

I need more interesting places to visit in Singapore before I leave.

Jurong Frog Farm and more

8 02 2009

What was originally supposed to be a visit to Hay Dairies Goat Farm turned into frog farm spam.

So here begins the journey…
It’s a frog-eat-frog world out there.
I can has cheezeburger?
This is where the future overlords of the world live.
Prime time viewership.
IVF babies
I honestly have no idea what this was.

On the way back, we stopped by a small fishing park from which JB was visible over the strait.  The roti prata from the coffeeshop nearby is very, very good 🙂

Skyline of JB.

Happy people having a day out at the beach.