I’m alive!

28 05 2009

Well I’ve finally got internet! After almost 2 arduous months of waiting..

Life has been relatively..uneventful, though I must say there is a certain charm in returning to a routine, albeit monotonous existence. For a few years now I haven’t had to stick to a rigid timetable with fixed daily dismissal times, and the first few days of school were quite a shock for me.However, it didn’t take long to adapt and these days I’m quite happy just doing my daily grocery shopping, or cooking each meal.

That being said, I don’t think I’ll be blogging about my trips to Saitama and Hakone recently. It’s just too much work to do so in addition to catching up with 2 months’ worth of updates/news/etc.

So there, that’s all folks!


What I did today

26 03 2009

This was taken right in front of our apartment.

We were feeling lazy today, so we decided to stay in, and explore the neighbourhood.

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What I did today

25 03 2009

MYLORD! We are awed by thy majesty!

I took my parents to try Japanese Pasta at Mylord in Shinjuku today.

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What I did today

25 03 2009


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25 03 2009

I’m in Japan, with a whole list of things to do before I start school, and a longer list of things to do after -.- Read the rest of this entry »

I’m in Japan!

22 03 2009

The title says it all. I’m finally in Japan.
It rained for the most part of today, so I spent most of my time sleeping in the apartment. I’ll probably go out with my parents tomorrow. That’s all folks!

Packing is a bitch.

19 03 2009

I finally got down to packing -most- of my peripherals and gadgets into 2 bags, consisting mostly of chargers, camera accessories and other stuff.

I’ll probably be handcarrying them on the plane because I don’t want my portable HDDs to be shaken around too much, and laptops/netbooks can’t be checked in, if I’m not wrong.

This time, I’m trying to travel as light as I can, and buy what I need in Japan. Afterall, the clothes there are more suited to the weather, and not to mention, prettier as well 😀 Will probably bring a couple of sets of clothes which can be worn in school, one set of formal attire, and other clothes that look nice enough to go out in. I’m also trying to keep footwear to a bare minimum, but found that I needed 6 pairs – sneakers, heels, court shoes, sandals, slippers, dress shoes.

As for books, I’m bringing along a few maths drill books in Japanese, as well as Japanese novels, and around 5 non-fiction books in English to maintain my sanity.

Also, for some reason, my parents decided to bring a few bottles of sauces and seasonings in case these aren’t available in Japan. 

Sigh. I have tomorrow to try and fit most of my current life into a suitcase..